Friday, April 3, 2015

How Mommy Blogging Has Changed Parenting

Back in the day, parents kept kids occupied and amused using the same tried-and-true methods their parents had used. You could tell which houses had kids from the backyard swingsets, sandboxes and riding toys in the yard.

Kids made their own fun and parents were just there in case something went wrong. Most kids spent long days outside when the weather was nice and enjoyed playing outdoors until dark in the summer.

Cold winter days meant bundling kids up in snowsuits, digging out hats and gloves and sending them outside to play. Afterwards, there were mugs of hot cocoa for the kids and cleanup for moms.

Most outdoor family photos were posed pictures of the kids in front of the house, on the deck or playing in the backyard.

Rainy days were harder for parents back in the day. Sometimes kids played with toys or played board games. If the kids got bored, moms might pull out the craft box. Indoor craft time usually involved something messy like painting.

Parents today don't have to come up with their own ideas to keep the kids busy. Mommy bloggers have changed parenting life. Pick a blog, any blog and you'll find lots of creative ways for kids to have fun. Sensory play, unique craft ideas and ways to make learning fun are some of the things you'll find on the thousands of mommy blogs out in the blogosphere.

Mommy bloggers know there's no need to stay indoors when it's raining. Google "rainy day fun" and you'll find about 33,000 results, many linked to a mommy blog.

Many mommy bloggers remind today's moms to enjoy the simple things in life, sharing happy family photos of picture-perfect kids having fun.

You can find fun new outdoor games on your favorite mommy blog. You'll also find new ways to make everyday activities more fun.

Riding bikes is a timeless way for families to have fun together. It's easy to bring the little ones along with strap-on baby seats, bike trailers, tag-alongs, tandem bikes and family cargo bikes. You'll find lots of ideas from mommy bloggers who write about life as a biking family.

You can find lots of mommy bloggers to follow on Pinterest, where they share their best ideas and cute posed family photos.

Follow easy craft and activity instructions from your favorite mommy bloggers and your home will become like a resort, filled with activities and fun for kids of all ages.

You can find footprint craft ideas to create perfect gifts from the little ones to their grandparents. What grandma wouldn't love a flower pot with her grandbabies' footprints on it!

Find crafts for every season on your favorite mommy blogs. Winter, spring, summer or fall craft ideas range from simple seasonal pictures to unique ideas you'd probably not think of on your own.

There's no need to buy another greeting card ever again. Lots of mommy bloggers share their favorite greeting card instructions to help moms and kids create one-of-a-kind greeting cards.

Pick a holiday, any holiday -- and you'll find cute and original ways to make desserts that your family will love.

Most of all, mommy bloggers celebrate the timeless love of a mother and child. Whether your children are toddlers or teens, family love lasts forever.

Whether your kids are little or big, becoming a mommy blogger offers moms the opportunity to share their real lives with followers or to relive the good old days.

Even tech-savvy grandparents can jump on the mommy blog bandwagon. I've been a mommy blogger for several years. Mommy blogging wouldn't have worked for my Mom though -- she didn't like computers!

Mommy blogging -- it's here to stay, at least for now. Until the next big thing comes along, follow along with me on Twitter and you'll find the best of parenting. From old memories walking down mommy memory lane to recipes and parenting tips, mommy blogging is what it's all about. Parenting is the place where fun never ends.