Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Fun for Kids of All Ages


As the days of summer slide by, take time to make summertime memories with your family before school time rolls around. Whether you enjoy a morning walk on the beach, a picnic lunch at your favorite local park or an afternoon hike in the mountains, spending time together can be as much fun for mom and dad as it is for the kids.

These fun summertime ideas will help you with your late summer family fun planning.

Hit the pool. Spend a hot summer day at your favorite municipal swimming pool. Relive your glory days by jumping off the diving board. Teach your kids to swim underwater or show the little ones how to dog paddle. After a day in the sun, be sure to enjoy a frozen treat before you head home.

Blow bubbles. Pick up a few bottles of bubbles and spend some quality time in your own backyard. See who can blow the biggest bubble, the smallest bubble and the bubble with the most parts. Let mom and dad take a turn too.

Play at the park. It may be hot outdoors, but your kids will still enjoy time at their favorite local park. If it's really hot out, visit the park early in the morning to beat the summer heat or wait until later in the day.

Cool down inside. Visit your nearest children's museum and enjoy the AC on a hot summer day. Kids love hands-on fun and they're learning as they play.

Take a hike. It's cooler under the trees out in the woods. Grab hiking sticks and hit the trail. Enjoy nature and see what interesting things you can find.

Go fishing. Head to the nearest lake or river and teach your kids how to catch the big ones. If there's a fish hatchery near you, take the time to learn how rangers supply local fishing spots with fish to catch. Many fishing sites have catch and release programs if you don't want to take your catch home.

Hit the road. Take a family road trip to somewhere you've never been. Whether you visit a historic site, explore your state or head to the beach, mountains or lake, spending time together is priceless.

Celebrate summer with ice cream. Visit your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt shop or make your own ice cream cones at home. Ice cream treats will light up your child's eyes and make happy memories of summertime fun.

Summer will be over before you know it. Gather the kids, make a list and get out to enjoy some late summer family time together this week.