Friday, August 12, 2016

August is Family Fun Month

As parents prepare to send the kids back to school, make time to enjoy some family time together during August, celebrated as Family Fun Month. Enjoy backyard kickball or pull out the sprinkler for some family water fun. These 10 suggestions will help you celebrate Family Fun Month with your little ones.

Go Fishing. Grab your fishing poles, head to the nearest lake or river and spend a lazy day fishing together. It doesn't matter if you catch anything or not -- it's all about making memories.

Take a family bike ride. Check the air in the tires and hit your favorite bike trail. Don't forget to wear helmets for protection.

Visit a children's museum. Hands-on fun and learning go together at children's museums. Your kids will love being able to touch everything. You'll love to see them learn as they play.

Bake cookies or cupcakes. A little treat now and then is fun for all ages. Find a kid-friendly recipe on my Pinterest Cupcakes board or pick up a box mix.

Play a board game. It may be old school, but the kids will love playing a family game of Monopoly, Life, Candy Land or Chutes & Ladders. Begin a game night tradition in your family.

Go camping. Head to your nearest state park for a camping adventure. All you need is a tent, sleeping bags and a cooler filled with food. Add a lantern and deck of cards for fun after dark.

Visit a park or playground. It's free to enjoy your local park or playground. See who can swing the highest, slide down the slides together and enjoy fresh air family fun.

Go skating. Many skating rinks offer beginner classes for all ages. Our local skating rink also rents Skate Mates that make it easy for the little ones to skate "all by myself."

Enjoy a last blast of summer water fun. Head to the beach and bring the buckets. Visit the ocean or a nearby lake. Spending a day at the beach is a great way to bid summer farewell.

Take a family road trip. Visit your favorite amusement park, your state's capital, a nearby zoo or relatives who live out of town. Bring along some kid music to listen to in the car and play travel games while you're on the road.

Whether you hit the road or stay close to home, enjoy family fun with your little ones during August and celebrate Family Fun Month.

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